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Chris Michaels here, I like to think of just one listener spending their day with me enjoying the music and hopefully appreciating what I have to say. I hope you are that person. When not on the Radio, I love trying to find the perfect river to fish. When not fishing, I’m reading, studying, thinking and dreaming of….fishing! My wife and I are ‘empty-nesters’ with three grown children, three grandchildren and three cats who are ‘raising’ us! I guess we love things that come in threes!

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Greetings, I’m Drew Hastings, a native of Agawam, MA, the town that proudly holds the distinction of having the very first zip code in the country! I'm married to my beautiful wife Dina, and have three great kids, Michael, Eric and Lindsay, and a granddaughter Natalie who keeps me very busy. I love hanging out with our chocolate lab Madison. She can be a little hyper but fun! I'm always playing hockey as exercise and for competition. I keep telling myself that it's good for me as my bumps, bruises and a sore back tell me it isn't.  Thanks for listening to me on the radio!  

Hello! I’m Jay Michaels, and I guess you could say radio’s been in my DNA from day one.  My dad was a Radio/TV guy and as a youngster I’d spend hours in our basement doing ‘pretend’ radio shows with my record player and a stack of 45’s, or in front of the TV watching baseball games while doing the play-by-play.  No, there wasn’t much as to my eventual career path. My wife Janice and I, along with our three daughters live a very busy active life.  I do have a big passion for current events and issues but find partisan politics a big turn off.  I much prefer to see folks get along at the end of the day.

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Hi, I’m Chris Lynn, a small town boy from Southeast Indiana directly between Indianapolis and Cincinnati so I had the advantage of being able to listen to amazing radio stations as a kid, and I still have every cassette of what I taped off the radio!  I'm happily married to a wonderful wife and we have a beautiful five year old daughter named Madeline.  Outside of work, I'm also a musician and arrange/record mostly piano, percussion and orchestral music.  I love travelling, enjoying fine wines, and
escaping to the wilderness when I can sneak away.  Naturally, I'm a music addict in any fashion, with one guilty pleasure being a vast film score collection at home! 

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For the past 10 years, Tesh’s dreams have branched out to his Tesh’s syndicated radio show “Intelligence For Your Life,” which reaches more than 8.2 million listeners per week across the U.S., Canada and the U.K.   The award-winning daily and weekly show he calls “purpose driven radio”, recently secured the trademarks for three more categories in their “Intelligence for....” family. “Intelligence for Your Health,” “Intelligence for Your Pets” and “Intelligence for Your Love Life” have been added to Tesh's core brand, and will be developed into stand-alone content-rich websites with products designed around the “Intelligence” Tesh and his staff have gathered in the 10 years since they launched the show.  If you couldn’t get to those magazines, we, along with the researchers we hired, could do it for you. People have called me the “Oprah of radio”, but the difference is that our pieces are sometimes very short, like two minutes, or even 25 seconds — all geared at motivating listeners to move forward…it’s all about passion and purpose. If something I share can help save someone’s marriage, inspire someone to go to the doctor to get checked out, or spend more time with their kids, I’ve done my job.